Making Dreams Come True

Irish Dance funding

In the world of Irish Dancing there is currently little or no financial support for individuals wishing to develop their talents in creative and innovative ways. To help these talented individuals on their journey through the ever-changing and evolving world of dance, the Foundation is offering grants and awards to encourage and stimulate this creativity and innovation.

These are exciting times for the future of Irish Dance and we look forward to helping dancers, composers and choreographers fulfil their dreams in a world that has given us so much. Applications can be made for funding Irish Dance related projects which exhibit creativity, flair and entrepreneurship in the promotion of Irish Dance skills, performance, scholarship or business acumen.

Awards will be granted on an annual basis and applications are invited from individuals, or groups of individuals, who have a project that they would like assistance with, whether for performance or education.  Generally speaking our awards fall into one of three broad categories:

Irish Dancing – Education, Performance and Competitions
Irish Music and Culture
Financial Support to individuals

How to apply for an award

For awards to be made please apply now to the email address above or the Foundations postal address.
Download the Award Application form below.

Entry requirements:

  • Minimum age 10.
  • Passionate about excellence in dance, music, composition or choreography.
  • Willingness to further the aims of the foundation.
  • Willingness to provide a report on your progress and performance in your project or course.

Successful applicants will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the award. We wish to support projects that are novel, original and exciting or applications for funds if you cannot afford to further your dancing career. If you feel that your application might fulfil our criteria, please feel free to contact us.

To support your application please also provide, in your own words, the following information:

  • Your Dance or Music CV
  • Details of your Proposed Project
  • Why you think you should receive an Award. Include details of how your project will benefit Irish Dancing, Culture and/or Music.

The Foundation has awarded grants annually to the World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick in the past, and will continue to do so going forward.