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The primary objective of our Foundation is to promote excellence in Irish Dancing and we are dedicated to supporting and stimulating innovation and creativity through our annual awards and grants.
Irish Dance has gained in popularity over the last few years due to the huge success of shows such as Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, Celtic Tiger. and Riverdance. It is an industry which is now worth over £1 billion per year worldwide with schools and competitions in countries on all continents.
The future of Irish Dance is very exciting and we want to encourage this passion for dance by creating the opportunity for talented individuals to explore and push the boundaries just as a certain young man from Chicago once did a few years ago.
We need to more find people who believe in our cause and are willing to help us make a difference for young dancers and musicians with potential. We have two important objectives: to increase awareness of our work and to raise money to help the development of talented and disadvantaged youngsters.
There are many ways you can help us listed below.  Please take a look, you will hopefully find a way to support us.   Thank you!

Spread The Word

If your life has been touched by the world of dance or you are inspired by our ideals and aims and would like to support our vision, we would love you to sign up to our mailing list, which will allow us to advise you of our events and successes, which we do roughly once every three months. We are open to new ideas and contributions and would value your input, whether it be by applying for a grant or offering us help in whatever way you are able or sending us news of an event or activity you organized to support the foundation. Just as valuable is to be an ambassador for MDF. Convince your friends that ours is a cause worth supporting and persuade them also to sign up, help us build the MDF Community world wide. Simply drop us an email to ……… and ask to join in.

Volunteer Your Time

Initially, funded by Marie Duffy and Mike Pask, Marie’s husband, since 2011, the Foundation made over £40,000 in awards. From 2017 onwards, for the continuing success and development of the Foundation we need to expand our activities, concentrating on two main areas: to geographically extend our fun raising activities and to increase the range and scope of our grant and awards To enable us to achieve this, we are actively recruiting additional members/volunteers to work with us to develop and implement a realistic programme of fundraising activities and events. If you have a passion for Irish Dance, Music and Culture, and would like to help us raise funds or support us by giving your time to the Foundation please contact Mike Pask at We would be delighted to hear from you.

 Raise Funds - Host an Event

We would like to build a comprehensive network of local fundraisers covering the globe because, although high profile events catch the eye, it is the high volume of small initiatives which gives MDF a sound base. MDF is a very specific charity so the event concepts must sometimes be ingenious and must always be fun for the participants. Myra O’Donavan and Pearl Ford, who co-ordinate our fundraising efforts, can support you as follows:
  • Hold a Raffle Pack – Tips, Ribbon, MDF Leaflets
  • How to run a Shoe Bank Pack (Instructions, Leaflets, Stickers)
  • Organise a night out - Race Night, Quiz night etc
  • Phone support for any questions you may have
Where to send contributions Publicise your event to the MDF community via the MDF Facebook page and Website Contact us: Email : Telephone +44(0)7766 774 974 or +44 (0)7748 180 448


Take part in any of the events we run either as an individual or corporately. All our events are designed to be fun so as an individual you’re bound to have a good time. Details of upcoming and past events can be found on our News page.

Don’t forget MDF is registered with Simply logon to the site and search for The Marie Duffy Foundation to find us. or Click on this link


If you would like to make a donation, however small, you can do so directly in four ways:
  • Through the website
  • By cheque -payable to ‘The Marie Duffy Foundation’ and mailed to:
    • Mike Pask, The Marie Duffy Foundation,
      Apt 2 Aspin Lodge, North Park,
      Gerrard’s Cross, Buckinghamshire SL9 8JP,
      United Kingdom
  • By Bank Transfer – to HSBC using your family name as a reference
    • Sort Code 40-38-21
      Account No: 51411349