Lady of the Dance ….


A really lovely read , Romantic and also sad , but filled with love for Irish Dance . A very talented lady , takes us back over the years with her wonderful partnership with Michael and all the shows . A wonderful story , Thankyou for sharing this with us Keep well …..

Sandra Ellerker

Marie Duffy Pask I am delighted. Your book arrived today… with a wonderful little surprise when I opened the cover. Your note is extremely sweet.
You taught me more than you can dream of… along with disciplining me to train hard to win multiple gold medals – suitcases full 🙂 You taught me skills that I took with me throughout life to university, to touring the world with Cirque du Soleil and to all my creative projects ever since – Hard work – Commitment – Dedication and a relentless Passion in the Pursuit of Perfection!
Congratulations on this wonderful achievement Marie. I will read your book with pleasure, with melancholy & a warm heart. It is a very proud moment and so generous of you to share your life story… You are a Rock Star!
Keep smiling & inspiring us all.
John Goodwin x